Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Signs of a True Friend …

I love my bestfriends because,they give me life they give me smile,and they give me happiness,and i trully dedicated this post to my bf :)

I give you some signs if they are really your bf..

They Do Your Hair

Your friend loves to do your hair. You love to do your friend’s hair. When she has a special date you go over to her house to do her hair and she does the same thing for you.

They Remind You of Your Strengths

When you are feeling down, your friend is there to remind you of your strengths. They give you encouraging words that pick you back off of the ground and then you realize your true strengths.

They Give You Small Surprises

From time to time,your friend gives you small surprises. It does not have to be your birthday or any other holiday to get a present from her. She always seems to pick out the right presents for you as well.

They Let You Cry on their Shoulder

When you are sad, they lend their shoulder to let you cry on it. They are not afraid to get your tears on their skin and want to help you get through it all.
They Talk to You on the Phone a Lot

Your friend loves talking to you on the phone. It seems that the two of you could talk for hours and you still have things to talk about when it’s time to hang the phone up.

They're There When You Need Them

Whenever you need the friend, they are there for you. At times, they will drop everything for you no matter what. They do not make fun of you for your problems that you have an love listening to what you have to say.

Thats why i really love them..

Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

Hello Goodnite sleep (insomnia?no mas!)

Damn! i knew it,i'm the one of insomiac victim that very hyped now in teenager..my friends,my bf,and my family concern about it..
But hey don't worry i have a few tips,that maybe help the insomania (like me) could have a nice goodnite sleep..
of course i've tried this before..and it works! Yaiii

No afternoon siesta

Stay away from those long naps during the day. Let your body cry for sleep and then gift it a long night of rest.

No-no to these...

avoid drinking coffee just before bedtime. It will affect your sleep patterns negatively. If you're a smoker, then that could cause sleep trouble as Nicotine is a stimulant.

Turn off the lights

Try and keep the room dark so external lights don't distract you from your beauty sleep

Get comfortable

It helps to have a nice, warm and cosy bed with comfortable pillows. Get a mattress that suits you well. Your room should be ventilated, quiet and not freezing cold! Keep the temperature just the way you like it.


Don't get worked up about bedtime. Relax and drink some herbal tea or just do some breathing exercise. Let your body wind down gradually.

Don't be a pig ...

Especially before you sleep. You don't HAVE to EAT all the leftovers. Eat two hours before you head to bed.

Write down your worries
Sometimes worrying about tomorrow can keep you awake for hours. Write down your concerns or draw up a to-do list. It will help settle your mind.
Try out these tips for a good night sleep..
Sleep tight! :)

Reason why sometimes we hate our self (and how to handle it)

sometimes, I do hate myself for some reason..i didnt denny it,i hate my self because i made it by myself. by doing stupid stuff,and mostly some stupid things that other people not do it,but i do..(sounds crazy rite?) :)
this is how i deal with my self

-Write it down!
Grab a papper,write why you hate your self,then read it back..think about it and throw it,because it was the old you,and now you became new by Change!

-Make a listList your sin and stick it,so you see and remember that you ever done a stupid thing and wont repeat it :)

-Share your problem with others
Ask your friends or your family to help you,tell them why you're struggle,they could give you the best advice that you never thought it before.

Remeber hating your self never be the best way to face the live,so change and move on babes! :)

Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

How to Forget Your Bad Day..


This is my favorite way to relax. Whether it’s a new book or an old favorite, if you can allow yourself to enter another world, it will make all the stress in yours melt away. Protip: when you have a bad or long or stressful day, try reading something lighthearted. A little laughter will help you forget all the bad stuff.

Take a Bath 

Taking time for yourself however you can is always a good idea after a bad day, and taking that time in a frothy bubble bath is one of the best ways to do that.


Listen To Music  

When I have bad days, when I’m sad, down, just listening to music that fits my mood ultimately elevates my mood as well. By listening to your favorite songs and bands for any given indication, you not only give your mind something else on which to focus, you give yourself some time and space as well.  


cook at the end of a bad day — for fun, if it’s a preferred hobby — you focus on something else, plus you have a great reward at the end. Also, you can eat it.


Chocolate helps me forget the day, anyway. It is totally a scientific fact! Ahh, those sweet, chocolaty endorphins.

Watch Tv

Ok I admit it, i'm a tv addicted,but hey..thats ok because it can set my mood, i usually watch reality show such like ANTM and other serial tv like desperate houswives,90210,and ghost whisperer. dont let the bad day ruin you! :)

Be with the Ones You Love

Spending time with someone you love and trust, someone who knows you better than anyone and can make you laugh, is the best way to forget a bad day — or, better yet, to turn it into a great day. Your parent, a sibling, a best friend, or your lover: quality time spent with someone you care about will make all your cares melt away.
These are the things that make me forget a bad day

Your Colours Your Mood

How much thought do you give to choosing colours? Most people would say hardly any, picking their favourite from the selection available, so you might be surprised to learn how much of an effect colours can have on our moods! While colours can be subjective, most have a universal effect, and I was really surprised to learn how much of an impact they can have on our daily lives. Here are my six effects everyone should know about…


Black is a very powerful, strong colour. It consumes all other light in the colour spectrum, and is often used to represent strong characters such as Dracula, or witches. Some cultures link black to death and mourning, others to rebirth and life. The strong link? Black’s power. Think about how black is used…black belt, black tie, black market…and that most people dress in black to work. Black gives the feeling of importance, control and strength.


White is often used to portray innocence and naivety. It is a very pure colour, and is often used in new houses, to make rooms look bigger and brighter. It’s also a very cold colour, though, giving the effect of sterile blandness. Rooms which are painted white often look bigger, but they seem empty and unlived in. White can make us feel pure; or empty.


Red is a colour that always evokes strong emotions. It is often associated with passion, love and lust, and this can make it both a sexy and comforting colour. It can also be linked to anger and excitement, and is generally responsible for intense feelings. Consider things people often buy in red…red lingerie and red dresses, and the expressions “painting the town red”, and “seeing red”. Red happens to be my favourite colour, too, which indicates that I live for intensity and feeling alive.


Blue is the most common favourite colour, especially for men. It is a calm colour, and is often described as being sterile, tranquil, calm and serene. Studies have shown that people are more productive in rooms that are painted blue, and that it can sometimes cause feelings of sadness and confusion. Blue is also a colour often used by dieters, as it is the least appetizing colour. Using blue plates and cutlery can limit how much you eat! Showing patients the colour blue has also been proved to lower pulse rate and body temperature.


Green is another colour that seems to indicate very different feelings. For some, it indicates nature, and tranquillity. It feels healthy, and pure. It is also often the colour associated with jealousy, and hurt. In the 15th greens are often used to calm nerves, relieve stress and begin healing. Green rooms have even been proved to reduce stomach aches!


Orange is a combination of yellow and red, and is often seen as an energetic, bouncy colour. It is often used to attract attention, such as on road signs and in advertising campaign. A recent study found that participants linked orange with excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth, which makes it a great colour to incorporate into your home. Avoid yellowy-orange, though, as yellow rooms can cause headaches.

Tips on How to Keep Your Boyfriend Happy …

Stay Faithful

I think this is more of an obvious way to keep your boyfriend happy, yet some girls do not stay true. If you really do not want to hurt your boyfriend and want to keep him happy, then don’t cheat. Don’t even go flirtting with other guys. This is not respectful.

Smile When You See Him

Guys love it when girls smile the instant they see them. This makes them feel special. I smile a lot at my boyfriend. He sees that I am happy and this makes him happy.

Tell Him You Love Him

If you want to see the boy have a shot of energy flow through his body, then tell him just how much you love him. Give him all the love he deserves. Of course, if you do not love your boyfriend, then you should just skip over this.

Play Video Games with Him

Oh, come on girls, you can do it! Many guys out there enjoy video games. So, why don’t you join in and play video games with your boyfriend? There is nothing wrong with this. So what if he is better than you? He will still be happy that you are playing with him, at least I know my husband is always happy to have me join in on games with him.

Tell the Truth

Don’t you hate it when someone tells a lie? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Therefore, you should speak the truth. To keep the boy happy, it is important that you tell the truth, even if he does not like it. It’s better to speak the truth than to tell a lie.

Listen to Your Boyfriend

It is important that you listen to your boyfriend, even if he is talking about things you do not want to hear or care to hear. You should at least try to listen. Listening and communication is important in every relationship.
There you have the tips on how to keep your boyfriend happy. Some of you may already know these tip, so don’t take it personaly if you do. This is meant for the girls that are in need of advice like this. Some girls are just starting out and do not know much.

Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010

Tips to Raise Your Self-Esteem ;p

Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

No matter who you are or what you accomplish in life, there will always be someone else who has more money, better success, fancier clothes or nicer friends than you do. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Learn to be content with who you are and what you have and you will better yourself for it. The comparison game is harsh and deadly. Don’tt play it!

Give Yourself Credit

Make a list of your positive qualities. Are you Creative? Thoughtful? Forgiving? Honest? Be generous to yourself and list at least 10 things that will help you see your worth. Review this list often! Instead of dwelling on your inadequacies, focus on your strong traits and you will achieve far more success and be more comfortable in your own shoes!

Accept Compliments

There’s no need to offer an excuse when someone compliments you on a job well done. People with little self-worth mentalities will say things like “oh, it was nothing” or “I could’ve done better”. While there’s always room for improvement, there’s nothing wrong with feeling proud of yourself for accomplishing a task. When others notice this and credit you for it, respond to it with a “thank you” and believe that you are worthy of praise sometimes too.

Make A Move

Take action! You won’t develop high self-esteem if you sit on the sidelines and back away from challenges. When you take action – regardless of the ensuing result – you feel better about yourself for at least trying. Remember though, that if you have a positive attitude, you’ll more than likely see positive results. If you fail to move forward because of fear and anxiety, you’ll be frustrated and unhappy – and you will undoubtedly deal a damaging blow to your self-esteem.
With these tips you will see your self-esteem begin to increase in no time at all! Just remember to keep a positive attitude and don’t be discouraged because of a few down-in-the-dump days. It won’t happen overnight, and even if it does, you will still have depressing days. But work hard at it and you will start to notice that they grow fewer and farther between!

Be More Giving

I don’t mean with your money. Give more of your time and yourself to those around you, family or friends alike. When you do things for others you are making a positive contribution and it makes you feel of increased value. This will lift your spirits and your self-esteem!

Stop Putting Yourself Down

You will never be able to develop high self-esteem if you constantly view yourself in a negative light and never acknowledge your own abilities. Whether dealing with your appearance, your relationships, your financial situation or your career, give yourself some breathing space. Avoid self-deprecating comments and a negative mindset. You are worth it!