Minggu, 17 Oktober 2010

7 ways to have stress fee week :) (alone required)

1. Go Outdoors Alone with Spouse
Sometimes going on a camping trip with your loved one or alone can help have a stress free week. Try to choose a quiet place no one or not so many people go to. When you have loud disruptions it can be a stressful environment.

2. Go To A Quiet Restaurant
There are some restaurants that have private rooms. Alone or with a spouse to spend time alone and enjoy talking. You can get your favorite meal and enjoy a delicious meal.
3.Watch Romantic DVDs

When we get bored at home and dont have any plan to do,watch your romantic dvd collection and feel the freedom,we can cry and laugh out loud that no one would notice it ;p

4.Try to learn your own YOGA
We dont need to spend our money to have a yoga course,you can do it by yourself by have a meditation,prepare some aromatheraphy canddle,matt,and eye mask. you can also play relaxation music,trust it really works to give your soul positive energy

5. Experience in make up
Get all your make up,make sure you dont have any plan to go,the experience wtih it! try some nice look,cool look,ever crazy look just like lady Gaga or Rihanna (fun guarantee!!)

6.Make a Positive Qutoes and Post it!
search or make your own life quotes,stick it to your mirror or put it in somewhere that you are always see it,this qoutes could give us good motivation and make us always smile :)

7.Go Shopping
Give your self a reward,shopping would never be this fun,go to your favorite store,you can feel it that this is really fun cause nobody wouldn't interupt you,to buy this and buy that,try this and try that..aslo call your boyfriend "sorry dear,this week i'm gonna say yes only to me"


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