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Tips to Raise Your Self-Esteem ;p

Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

No matter who you are or what you accomplish in life, there will always be someone else who has more money, better success, fancier clothes or nicer friends than you do. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Learn to be content with who you are and what you have and you will better yourself for it. The comparison game is harsh and deadly. Don’tt play it!

Give Yourself Credit

Make a list of your positive qualities. Are you Creative? Thoughtful? Forgiving? Honest? Be generous to yourself and list at least 10 things that will help you see your worth. Review this list often! Instead of dwelling on your inadequacies, focus on your strong traits and you will achieve far more success and be more comfortable in your own shoes!

Accept Compliments

There’s no need to offer an excuse when someone compliments you on a job well done. People with little self-worth mentalities will say things like “oh, it was nothing” or “I could’ve done better”. While there’s always room for improvement, there’s nothing wrong with feeling proud of yourself for accomplishing a task. When others notice this and credit you for it, respond to it with a “thank you” and believe that you are worthy of praise sometimes too.

Make A Move

Take action! You won’t develop high self-esteem if you sit on the sidelines and back away from challenges. When you take action – regardless of the ensuing result – you feel better about yourself for at least trying. Remember though, that if you have a positive attitude, you’ll more than likely see positive results. If you fail to move forward because of fear and anxiety, you’ll be frustrated and unhappy – and you will undoubtedly deal a damaging blow to your self-esteem.
With these tips you will see your self-esteem begin to increase in no time at all! Just remember to keep a positive attitude and don’t be discouraged because of a few down-in-the-dump days. It won’t happen overnight, and even if it does, you will still have depressing days. But work hard at it and you will start to notice that they grow fewer and farther between!

Be More Giving

I don’t mean with your money. Give more of your time and yourself to those around you, family or friends alike. When you do things for others you are making a positive contribution and it makes you feel of increased value. This will lift your spirits and your self-esteem!

Stop Putting Yourself Down

You will never be able to develop high self-esteem if you constantly view yourself in a negative light and never acknowledge your own abilities. Whether dealing with your appearance, your relationships, your financial situation or your career, give yourself some breathing space. Avoid self-deprecating comments and a negative mindset. You are worth it!


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