Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Signs of a True Friend …

I love my bestfriends because,they give me life they give me smile,and they give me happiness,and i trully dedicated this post to my bf :)

I give you some signs if they are really your bf..

They Do Your Hair

Your friend loves to do your hair. You love to do your friend’s hair. When she has a special date you go over to her house to do her hair and she does the same thing for you.

They Remind You of Your Strengths

When you are feeling down, your friend is there to remind you of your strengths. They give you encouraging words that pick you back off of the ground and then you realize your true strengths.

They Give You Small Surprises

From time to time,your friend gives you small surprises. It does not have to be your birthday or any other holiday to get a present from her. She always seems to pick out the right presents for you as well.

They Let You Cry on their Shoulder

When you are sad, they lend their shoulder to let you cry on it. They are not afraid to get your tears on their skin and want to help you get through it all.
They Talk to You on the Phone a Lot

Your friend loves talking to you on the phone. It seems that the two of you could talk for hours and you still have things to talk about when it’s time to hang the phone up.

They're There When You Need Them

Whenever you need the friend, they are there for you. At times, they will drop everything for you no matter what. They do not make fun of you for your problems that you have an love listening to what you have to say.

Thats why i really love them..

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