Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

How to Forget Your Bad Day..


This is my favorite way to relax. Whether it’s a new book or an old favorite, if you can allow yourself to enter another world, it will make all the stress in yours melt away. Protip: when you have a bad or long or stressful day, try reading something lighthearted. A little laughter will help you forget all the bad stuff.

Take a Bath 

Taking time for yourself however you can is always a good idea after a bad day, and taking that time in a frothy bubble bath is one of the best ways to do that.


Listen To Music  

When I have bad days, when I’m sad, down, just listening to music that fits my mood ultimately elevates my mood as well. By listening to your favorite songs and bands for any given indication, you not only give your mind something else on which to focus, you give yourself some time and space as well.  


cook at the end of a bad day — for fun, if it’s a preferred hobby — you focus on something else, plus you have a great reward at the end. Also, you can eat it.


Chocolate helps me forget the day, anyway. It is totally a scientific fact! Ahh, those sweet, chocolaty endorphins.

Watch Tv

Ok I admit it, i'm a tv addicted,but hey..thats ok because it can set my mood, i usually watch reality show such like ANTM and other serial tv like desperate houswives,90210,and ghost whisperer. dont let the bad day ruin you! :)

Be with the Ones You Love

Spending time with someone you love and trust, someone who knows you better than anyone and can make you laugh, is the best way to forget a bad day — or, better yet, to turn it into a great day. Your parent, a sibling, a best friend, or your lover: quality time spent with someone you care about will make all your cares melt away.
These are the things that make me forget a bad day

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