Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

Reason why sometimes we hate our self (and how to handle it)

sometimes, I do hate myself for some reason..i didnt denny it,i hate my self because i made it by myself. by doing stupid stuff,and mostly some stupid things that other people not do it,but i do..(sounds crazy rite?) :)
this is how i deal with my self

-Write it down!
Grab a papper,write why you hate your self,then read it back..think about it and throw it,because it was the old you,and now you became new by Change!

-Make a listList your sin and stick it,so you see and remember that you ever done a stupid thing and wont repeat it :)

-Share your problem with others
Ask your friends or your family to help you,tell them why you're struggle,they could give you the best advice that you never thought it before.

Remeber hating your self never be the best way to face the live,so change and move on babes! :)

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